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Paperlabs is a Vancouver-based software company. We develop for Apple platforms and the web. We strive to make simple, clever products that are easy to use.

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    How we could spend $50,000 marketing our apps

    May 7

    Today we are making public the marketing platform that enabled us to spend over $50,000 to market our apps in a dozen different ways, and you can use it for free. It’s called Tapstream and it easily lets you measure conversion rates from the open web to your iOS or Android app. Use a Tapstream […]

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    The long road to the App Store

    Apr 6

    What a month it’s been here at Paperlabs. We thought we were organized, planned out and prepared for any eventuality – boy were we wrong. It all started months ago when we drew up the idea for our first iPhone product. We already had a beautiful iPad app called Tapfolio behind us, but we knew […]

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    The new iPad and its screen’s brightness

    Mar 16

    As we started testing the new iPad for our next Tapfolio update (already under way) I was pleasantly surprised that the new screen is not just sharper but also has greater brightness range. While it gets just as bright as iPad 2 at its brightest setting, it dims a lot more at the lowest setting. […]

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